SCG ECO Vision

SCG has a policy to operate business sustainably together with focusing on environmental conservation and bringing value to the community. Therefore, the company gives importance to research and development of products, which aim at creating more value for customers as well as promoting awareness of the nature and environmental conservation. The ultimate goal is to respond to consumers’ lifestyle both in the present and in the future.

This principle sets apart SCG products and services from other brands’. We are one of the very first manufacturers those introduced environmentally friendly concept to the building material industry. We have launched the SCG eco value to endorse the innovative eco-friendly products and services, both in their applications and manufacturing processes.

Some of the products those are certified under this label are produced with environamentally-friendly process, such as SCG Cement: the product that uses the waste heat power generator system in its production process, and SCG Thermal insulation: the innovation produced from 100% recycled glass. Some are the eco use products those will cause minimum effects to environment, such as SCG Smartboard: a wall and ceiling panel, and SCG Smartwood: a wood sustitute. Both of them are asbestos free so the materials are non hazardous to respiratory system. In addition, the SCG Smartwood can reduce the use of natural wood for over 90%.

SCG has pledged commitments to leverage the potential for research and development in order to create green innovations for better life and to make the world a better place for everyone.
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