SCG Builds 'A place of happiness' for families at Vietbuild 2016


        An ideal home for Vietnamese families that brings cool, blissful living and enduring happiness for every family member

        Ho Chi Minh City, June 24 2016 – SCG, an ASEAN’s leading conglomerate with more than 100 years of expertise in the cement and building materials business, has introduced its concept of ‘A place of happiness” for Vietnamese families at Vietbuild 2016, started from June 24 to June 28, using SCG’s high performance systems to create the experiences of Living Comfortably, Living Peacefully and Living Blissfully for every family member. This answers to the rising needs of local families with limited living space, and also follows SCG’s latest corporate campaign under the theme of “SCG brings enduring happiness for Vietnamese families”.

        Mr. Nopporn Keeratinbuharn, Sale and Marketing Director of SCG Cement - Building Materials Vietnam, states that: “SCG is an ASEAN brand of Trust in the building material industry to create premium quality products for Vietnamese people. Combining SCG’s understanding of Vietnamese consumers and our accumulated experiences over 100 years in the cement and building materials business, SCG is ready to drive innovations that are made for new family lifestyles with limited living space allowing for better living, personalization and the focus on enduring happiness for every family member”.

       “A place for happiness” is designed by SCG to satisfy the need of Vietnamese people who appreciate family value where generations could live happily together under one roof. However, progressive urbanization with increasing population makes living space become smaller and therefore the needs for privacy and comfort arise. Follows our local corporate campaign under the theme of “SCG brings enduring happiness for Vietnamese families”, SCG aims to offer Vietnamese consumers not only the premium materials to build their home but also the combined experiences of long lasting happiness for the whole family with our high performance building material systems designed by SCG’s world class expertise in building materials.”, Mr. Nopporn added.

      The integrated high performance systems are showcased at SCG booth at Vietbuild 2016 in three distinctive areas namely SCG Cool House System, Privacy Space and Superior Versatile Fiber Cement, which deliver experiences of Living Comfortably, Living Peacefully and Living Blissfully for family members.

       SCG Cool House System – Live comfortably in a cool house: Living in a well-ventilated and comfortable house is the dream of everyone. You will always feel pleasant and joyful as living in an open space with suitable temperature and humidity, natural fresh air circulation. You will find even more comfortable being able to save considerable amount from reducing power consumption for household cooling devices. The first priority in cooling the house, and also the most effective and most economical, is to prevent heat buildup in house.
       SCG’s house cooling system innovation comprises of 3 major systems including Cool Roof and Ceiling System, Cool Wall System and External Heat Protection System. Each system is made of SCG innovative building materials for heat protection, combined in a systematic work to maximize the efficiency of heat protection into the house. Therefore, family can touch the real passion of cool and comfort.

        Privacy Space - Live peacefully in a soundproof private space: Create a privacy space at home for added delight to block sound from penetrating from room to room. The system, combined ThermacousticTM Wall Insulation, ZanderaTM Decorative Acoustic Wall Panel and WonderyTM Acoustic Ceiling Tile, allows for sound isolation and the prevention of unwanted noise from entering the room. Other qualities of the acoustic insulation include echo and reverb reduction, ideal for an uninterrupted movie or music session.
        Superior Versatile Fiber-cement - Live blissfully with long lasting durability: Offer a range of our fiber-cement innovations with FiRM & FLEX technology. Not only are they design-friendly, but they also possess top qualities in strength, durability, and ease of care and maintenance. These materials last under the wear and tear of all weather conditions, and are suited for both interior and exterior projects.

       In order to share the ideas of “A place of happiness” to Vietnamese consumers, SCG also introduces its new website in Vietnamese with lots of information about latest development of SCG’s building materials systems in Vietnam, ideas for a comfort home design, and useful addresses where you can find more support from SCG experts.